About Failking

Hello there failure! We can't figure why you would wander to the most boring part of Failking (the about page) when we are brimming with thousands of fails and wins to keep you unemployed for months without getting bored. Oh well, now that you're here, you might as well learn something about Failking. Failking is run by genetically modified monkeys, a new breed that has been synthesized by using the saliva of Bigfoot (apparently, they do exist) and ordinary bonobo monkeys. These monkeys have been wired to extract the most bizarre, funny and epic scenes from around the web which are then showcased on Failking.

Your valued submissions are painstakingly perused and using their innate evaluation techniques, chosen to be displayed on Failking. This ensures that Failking only has the creme de la creme of fails on the web! It doesn't just stop there. Unlike those other websites which are clearly run by humans, our ginormous servers allow us to host working animated GIF images which means more LOLs for you. Bookmark Failking for your daily dose of humor, epiphanies and shockers. Tell your friends too. Click here to share (unless you're a selfish prick). Good day!